Meet Our Family




    Hi there, I'm Kate! Max is often away on special missions and I'm trying to figure out how to set up this website! His idea, of course, he thought it would help to occupy my time!






    While you're still here, why don't you meet the rest of the family. Our twin girls, Emma and Sarah are just the cutest babies, I think!






 Here is my mother and father, Natalie and Norman. They spent some time in Holland and sent me this picture via email.






 Uncle Joe (my father's brother) and his wife, Teresa, visit often and help us with the twins. After twenty years, both have just retired from the military.






 Oh, look! Here is a wedding picture of Aunt Nora (my mother's sister) and her husband, Frank. It's the third time for both of them.







Oh my, Rita, you look marvelous! Meet Michael, Max's brother, and his lovely wife, Rita. They sent us this picture of them at the Academy Awards last year.







And, last but not least, is Aunt Minerva. Well, she's not really our aunt, she's related to Rita, but we love her just the same!





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